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Absolute Oil Filter Elements

IES Pleated micro-glass media filter elements are designed to achieve the highest dirt holding while maintaining maximum filtration performance in a  wide range of oil, water and chemical fluid applications. These elements provide high structural integrity and chemical resistant media to handle tough industrial filtration problems. The advanced, supported, micro-glass media allows the elements to resist deterioration and softening caused by the long term use in oil, water base, and chemical fluids. IES elements are recommended for use in critical filtration applications such as lubricating oil and hydraulic system.



  1. Carbon Steel End Caps

  2. Perforated (non-lead) Steel Center Tube
    (Tin Coated) with Galvanized Inner Spring

  3. Perforated Outer Core (Tin Coated)

  4. Gasket

  5. Specially Formulated, Pleated Micro - Glass Media with Inert Backing and 30 Mesh 304 SS Support

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